Wts 77 m sp capital pilot

Welcome to my selling thread. I would like to sell my pilot: Miha Sych . Skills represented below:


No kill rights, 1 Jump Clone, sec. status 5.0, Npc corp, locaton high sec

As for price, I accept the bid which I find high enough

65b granted all ccp rules are followed

65 is even more that I was looking for, definitely selling for that price


I already accepted 65 bil bid, but seems he went offline, I wait for @VulgusCarovigra a bit , if he dont come back, I can sell to you

Sending now

Bid retracted as I found other toon.

Bid retracted due to personal reasons of seller not having another character to convo me after isk was sent

I didnt tell you that, I have alt to talk. Still for sale, thanks for showing interest and bumping anyway

prob should recheck that eveboard link. the toon linked has 5 mil sp

extracted huh

Yeah I guarantee he thought he had a buyer (me) and then started extracting and I cancelled my bid because it seemed like a scam

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