WTS 13.5M SP Character; Potential Incursion Pilot -:SOLD:-


15h away from a vindicator this could be a decent beginner incursion pilot with a little bit of fine tuning.

Character located in Jita IV
Positive Wallet
No Kill Rights
One Clone Located in: OGY-6D VIII - The Blue Oyster Market
8,000 Unallocated SP
1 Neural Remap
1 Bonus Remap

B/O 11B

8 bil

Sorry 8 Is too low.



I would offer 9bil for that character. Let me know if interested. The ISK is ready.

Sold, please provide details and payment and I will transfer ASAP.

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Account information and ISK sent.

8.4b if your offer fails online now

Character Transferred over, thank you for your custom.

Character received.

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