WTS 8,5 mil SP - PVP / INCURSION Pilot

(use the wrong char on the first Post apologies)

This character was used for both low sec pvp and incursion running and is optimized for this.

I will pay the character transfer fee to CCP.

Character is being sold as is, and can be viewed here:

Wallet: 0 isk

No kill rights available or active.

No jump clones.

Located in Jita 4-4 The Forge.

Current implants:
Ocular Filter - Basic
Memory Augmentation - Basic
Neural Boost - Basic
Cybernetic Subprocessor - Basic
Eifyr and Co. Gunslinger Surgical Strike SS-902
Zainou Deadeye Large Hybrid Turret LH-1002

I will entertain reasonable offers only.
I am in no rush to sell either, so don’t waste your time low-balling.

Either contact here or via in-game mail/convo @USS Akali.

After refreshing, it shows you are still in a player corp, please drop to NPC corp, per bazaar rules.

The Character is in npc corp, check ingame.
It must be a bug.

Best Regards.

Waiting on bids.

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Day Bump

Day Bump

Day Bump

Day Bump

Day Bump, is at 9mil sp now aprox.

4.5b ?

Offer accepted. Waiting for ISK on the char,

Post confirmation of ISK sent, then I will proceed to the transfer.

best Regards.

isk has been sent from market shi (my jita alt) - with a email, and reason for the account to be transfered to.

Character transfer in process.

Confirm when recieved by CCP Best Regards.

received, thanks