Wts 13.5m sp drone bunny

(Meg Arthie) #1

Skills can be found here Meg Arthie

Positive Sec status
Positive wallet
Located in HS

I’ll pay transfer fee, will be using PLEX, so will be initiated via support ticket, so transfer time is at the mercy of CCP :grinning:

Bidding shall start at 5b, will remain open for a week or until such time as an acceptable buyout offer is made.

(Intriguing Stranger) #2

10b b/o :slight_smile:

(Absolute Truth) #3

10.5b offered

(Fuarran) #4

11B BO

(Meg Arthie) #5

bump to the top. will keep this going until dt on friday 08/06/2018 unless an offr comes in before then that turns my head.

(Captainamazing) #6

11.5b offer if quick , i need go sleep

(Fuarran) #7

11.6 B now

(Druiderra) #8

12b b/o

(Meg Arthie) #9

12b b/o accepted, please transfer isk and message me with account details

(Druiderra) #10

acc info and isk sent

(Meg Arthie) #11

Isk and account details received, support ticket filed for transfer, many thanks for speedy transaction, wishing you luck with this character

(Druiderra) #12

Still can’t see the letter about the transfer character, what’s the problem?

(Meg Arthie) #13

support ticket was raised with CCP on friday at 10.02 eve time, no word from CCP as yet that its been looked at, maybe they are having a break for a few days. :grinning:

Normally in the past they have been fairly speedy at processing such transfers, will see what happens tomorrow when the offices (presumably) re-open

(Meg Arthie) #14

Character transfer completed

(Druiderra) #15

Confirm, thanks

(system) #16

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