WTS - 131M SP 2007 TOON NAG/NID/HEL 105B


Character sheet HERE

:muscle:-10 SEC
:muscle:800K Unallocated SP
:muscle:10M SP Navigation
:muscle:11M Missiles
:muscle:45M Ships
:muscle:All subs 5
:muscle:Great Implants

Will price this toon to sell. No lowballs. I don’t read messages on this toon, so please write here.

105B B/O


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How about 95B, or how much do you think is suitable for sale?

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call it 105B

Set the Buyout to 105B - Open to everyone.

what cinda trasfer plex or cash?

100B B/0 Do you accept

Sorry looking for 105B

is it a plex trasfer or cash trasfer?

It’s a normal ISK sale mate, as per the rules on this forum :man_facepalming:

i get that

but wich way u will trasfer character? ther is 2 diferent ways u can do it
so are u trasfering in website
or sending ticket to CCP asking them to trasfer?

I’ll be paying the plex to do it. So I can transfer straight away if thats what you mean.
Via CCP site.

yea plex trasfer takes 7-14days to complete
cash trasfer in forum takes 12h to finish

so 100% u using this?

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yes mate.

ok 105b b/o offered

accepted. Mail me with your account name buddy.

isk and acccount info send

Transfer Initiated


tnx will take good care of it