WTS 138mil sp pilot ULTRA RARE (First day of beta born !)

(Vortex Freeman) #1

Hello !
Want to buy myself
Vortex Freeman
Character has been created in the first day of Beta

Starting price 130 bil.

(Vortex Freeman) #2

Daily bump

(Friedricer) #3

I would like to make a buyout offer for Vortex Freeman at 120 billion isk.

(Vortex Freeman) #4

Daily bump

(Vortex Freeman) #5

Daily bump

(Friedricer) #6

Buying Vortex Freeman for 120 billion isk as confirmed in game.

(Vortex Freeman) #7

Confirm. Awaiting for the isk transfer.

(Friedricer) #8

Account information and 120 billion isk sent in game for transfer of Vortex Freeman to my account.

(Vortex Freeman) #9

Isks received, transfer has been initiated.

(Friedricer) #10

Character arrived, thanks for trade.

(system) #11

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