WTS 139m SP Character *SOLD*

Skillboard: engistar's Skillboard || Eve Is ESI || A Third Party Eve Online App

Required Information:
Positive ISK Balance
No Kill Rights
Jump Clones Located in High Sec
Character Located in Jita 4-4

This character was mainly used as an alt for mission running, but it does have the ability to fly Chimera and Naglfar, with the latter being located in Utopia fully fit. There is about 13b of assets located on the character, as well as a +5 learning implant set currently in the character’s head.

Starting Bid: 80b
Buyout: 95b

62 billions

88B. BTW u know that according to the rules assets cannot be included in the value but can only be given away, right?

I can meet you at 90b and you have a deal.

Alright… Isk and mail sent.

ISK accepted and transfer has been initiated

Character successfully transferred, closing post.

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