[SALES] WTS 93M SP char for sell

Hi, guys. I am for sale!
93 637 599 Skill Points and I am currently training Cynosural Field Theory to level 5

I am in an NPC Corp and located in a HS Trade Hub (Jita 4-4).
I have 3 Jump Clones, one located in 0.0 and two in the Jita system.
No kill rights. Positive Wallet. One Neural Remap Available.
Sec Status 5.00.
Implant: High-Grade Crystal
I will pay the transfer fee.


Starting Price 65 bil ISK
BuyOut: make me an offer I can’t refuse…

75 billion.


ISK and evemail with account name sent in game.

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character transfer paid

Email received. Thank you for the fast and easy transaction.

Thank you, Good game )

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