WTS: 139m Sp Subcap Pilot

Hey i Sell me🙈


Char is in high sec. Jita

Positive wallet
Jumpclones ready
Positive sec Status
No Killrights
High–Grade Slave, Crystal, and Snake set all in high sec

Start 125 B
Buyout 150 B
Happy bidding
All ccp rules Apply

115 bil

Thx for the bid


The auction Ends tomorrow 26.01.2019 19:00 O‘clock EU Time Zone

The last bump for me

Auction ends in about 5h and 27 Minutes, currently the highest bidder is TxivYawg1 with 115 B

116 Bill

Highest bidder is now Mdm Curie with 116 B

2h and 35 minutes left from this auction

Auction is now end winner is Mdm Curie
With 116 B

ISK and account information sent.

Rgr i eat fast and transfer then the char

This is taking a bit long, have you initiated the transfer yet ?

Transfer is on the way is all paid

Email confirmation received. Thank you.

Soory for the long time have with ally

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