WTS 79 Mil SP Positive Pirate Faction alt/ wyvern pilot . Mdm Curie wins

This alt has positive standing with several null sec pirate factions. the only empire space she can enter is Ammatar so i have here stashed there. mainly used for running null sec missions and WH as she is a great Tengu pilot.

Has a Full High Grade Crystal set and 1-2 jump clones.

also spec’d to fly a Wyvrn

auction will end 1/20 at 20000 eve time

50 bil minimum bid/ will follow all rules if auction is successful. if a bid is made at last minute ill give 5 mins for other parties to respond

Your post says 62m sp but the eve board says 79m

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thanks lol i was going off a bad memory

which one is correct?

the 79 mil. was looking at another alt and got confused

Ok thanks. Ill bid 55 bil

Thanks for using EveSkillboards character sponsor feature! Best of luck on your sale.

bumping for the heck of it

I bid 56 bil.

57 bil

58 bil

59 bil

Early morning bump. Vulgus is currently high bid with 59 bil

morning bump

Bumping one last time

Will the transfer be done with credit card or by plex ?

Prolly my card

60B if transfer by credit card then

Ok 60b is high bid and I’ll pay attention to what alt I’m lurking the forums on :joy:

60.5 bil