WTS 13Mil SP Char

Character name: Clerc
Positive Balance
Location in highsec


Starting bid:8b
Buyout: 13b

8B offer

Does it have bad standings towards angel cartel?

thanks my offer stand still. how long will the auction takes?

9 bil, isk ready

Thanks for your bids.

Can close auction 16/1/24 - at 17:00 EveTime
Buyout or close to will end it early.

9.5b bids

Bid retracted

offer retrieved,

Few hours remaining

Please send info in game

offer still stands 9 bil

Doesn;t seem like Yogg Saronn has responded yet. 9.5b and ill start the transfer.

Give me 20 mins please I will send info and isk from another account

Account ID and ISK sent, waiting character transfer confirmation

Isk recieved - Char transfer started.

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