WTS 142 SP Character


I am looking to sell this character


Positive wallet
Located in empire space
I will pay the transfer fee


Vespa Original I"ll start the bidding at 68 B

70 bil b/o

72Bill and it’s over.


Weird that you’d sell below extraction value.

Done, offering 72.2B. I’ll send the isk once you confirm the sale.


72 Bill accepted - once isk is sent Ill start the transfer. Thanks

73 Bill

we can do it now

You can make more than these offers just extracting the toon yourself and selling the skills just fyi

I get that and thanks for the information - just looking for quick no hassle deal whilst I scale back my eve life. Appreciate it though

so do you accept 73bill and we can start then transfer now?

Unfortunately for me I already accepted the 72 offer.

well, if u change your mind in next 10min or so, isk is ready

74 bil

Agreed and Isk and account info sent

Ask received and transfer started. Thanks

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