WTS 144 Mill SP polyvalent character ready for Dreadnought and more

Hi everybody !

I sell this character, is totaly unknown in the EvE universe. It hasn’t been used for a year. She’s a generalist pilot with a good name. This character can pilot battleships of all races in EvE, Orca, etc… All you have to do is buy the skills for him to pilot a Dread or more. She has a history of less than 20 corporations.

Quantum Anomaly

Can fly 274 ships
2 clones with basic augmentation and more

Positive wallet
5.0 security status
No kill rights
Located in Akhragan around Amarr Commercial Hub
In NPC corp

Start: 110 Bil


110 Bill.

111 bil

115 Bill

120B offer

125 Bill

Hello everyone and thank you for your interest in my character^^ It comes from far away, from 2005 a time when young people under 20 years old … any case, I’ll wait until tonight to finalize this sale. If no one else bids, the character will be yours Valeria123.

Since there is no additional bidding, I am willing to transfer the character. I am waiting for your information VALERIA123 (fyo : my time zone is UTC+2). And your ISK^^

Isk and account info sent.

Thank you, I’ll look into it immediately.

The character has been transferred

Character Received.