WTS - 145M SPs - 2003 char - SC pilot

Looking for offers…

Old char from 2003.05.
Begun as a ‘all around skills’ and these days being more focuses on supers.

Seller reserves the rate of cancelling the sale if minimal is not pleased. If a good offer is sent i may accept it and end this sale early but i have no rush on sell this.

Char board: https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/Shawl4

As per CCP rules, this char has positive wallet, no killrights or problems.

Thank you,

bump and go

117B to start you

Thank you for your start bid, looking for more offers… :wink:

120 bil

125 bil

126 bil

130 bil

131 bil

132 bil


First one to offer 150b B/O get’s it.

Thank you all,

Bump’a’roonie of the day

Bump’a’roonie of the day

I can do 140b if you are willing to sell today

You put 5b more and i transfer it right now.

I will do 145b

Transfer and send me account details (over mail) to begin char transfer.

Thank you,

I will do first thing in the morning (3 hours ish). Thanks!

Isk and account name sent to Shawl4