WTS 145mSP dude. Strictly subcap PvP

This guy is for sale:


  • 144.5mSP.

  • 750k unallocated SP.

  • 3 clones.
    1 - Full Genos + highend stuff in slots 5-10
    2 - HG Snakes + Zor hyper link
    3 - HG Crystals + some good stuff in slots 7-10

  • All clones located within 2 jumps from Jita.

  • Balance will be 0 on sell.

  • No standing or Sec status issues (apparently skillboard wont take social skills into account). No KRs.

Lets start this at 125b. B/O at 158b.


contacted in-game


Ty Zammel.

Im not a patient man so I wont let this auction go on forever. Added B/O at 158.


Accepted. Waiting for isk and account info

isk and account info sent

Recieved. Transfer is in progress

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