[SOLD] 141msp PVP toon

(Caden Valentine) #1

Hi time for a change… this toon is up for sale… I would say half a decent killboard… it even has a fiend on it :slight_smile:


pass 252525

IN jita Sec -0.1 wallet positive.

Please start offering. I will decide if its sold when I reach the sum that I like.

Please note it has High grade slaves, mid grade assclappers, +5’s and Geno set. clones are all over the place, mainly low sec and genos are in sv5.

(Mantra Jones) #2

how much you looking for as a b/o?

(Caden Valentine) #3

I am not sure how much this could go for… lets say 160 for now, I know its high but I want to get a feel for a day or two.

(Caden Valentine) #4

daily bump and just to say please make offers, I do not expect to get 160bil.

(Maizie Fields) #5

123 billion

(Caden Valentine) #6

daily bump

(Caden Valentine) #7

another daily bump

(Fatli Solvent) #8

124b offer

(Caden Valentine) #9

I have a 130 bil offer, if no one bids higher will sell him tonight

(Shadow OfIntent) #10

131b if you are still open to offers

(Caden Valentine) #11

Yes still open, it will be settled tonight, I am back in 2 -3 hours ready to trade then.

Open to offers till then

(Caden Valentine) #12

Shadow please send the isk and I will transfer…

(Shadow OfIntent) #13


Isk sent account info as above.

(Caden Valentine) #14

ISK received, toon transferred

(system) #15

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