Wts 147m sp woman

(Ekaterina I) #1

Npc corp
No kill rights
Character in high sec
Possitive wallet
100b bo

(Ekaterina I) #2

I need fast 88b
So 88bo now for a short time

(The Durantis) #3

90b valid 24 hours

(Ekaterina I) #4

b/o confirmed. Ready for a deal

(The Durantis) #5

Send isk when I get off work. About 8 hours

(The Durantis) #6

Getting online in 30 minutes. Are you active in game right now for a convo

(Ekaterina I) #7

Will be on soon

(The Durantis) #8

online waiting for you

(Ekaterina I) #9

I need like 1 hour

(The Durantis) #10

as agreed. 87.4b isk transferred account name being sent in game

(Ekaterina I) #11

transfer started. Thank you

(The Durantis) #12

havent recieved transfer start email yet. can you eve mail me in game and make sure you used the right account name

(system) #13

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