WTS 14m SP Exhumer 5 Pilot

This character is currently for sale

Eveboard does not reflect the science skills being extracted except for Science IV

Cyber 5
Exhumers 5
t2 0.0 crystals

Positive wallet
No Kill Rights
Located in Highest

Bidding starts at 7b

7b bid

7.5 bill

8 bil

bids noted, auction will end in 24 hours

8.5 B and a used 1999 honda civic with no engine

8.7 bill

bump. extracted char

Yes it was clearly stated that the char has 1m sp less than what is on eve board

re do math. it’s 3.33 Million SP extracted.

I appreciate the free bumps tho

9 bil

deal reached in game with trade slavsia

Isk and account info sent.

char sent


Thank you.

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