WTS 14m SP Exhumer 5 Pilot

(Sylar Kinobi) #1

This character is currently for sale

Eveboard does not reflect the science skills being extracted except for Science IV

Cyber 5
Exhumers 5
t2 0.0 crystals

Positive wallet
No Kill Rights
Located in Highest

Bidding starts at 7b

(Trade Slavsia) #2

7b bid

(yipcool) #3

7.5 bill

(TxivYawg1) #4

8 bil

(Sylar Kinobi) #5

bids noted, auction will end in 24 hours

(Schoja) #6

8.5 B and a used 1999 honda civic with no engine

(Zion Galaxy) #7

8.7 bill

(Zion Galaxy) #8

bump. extracted char

(Sylar Kinobi) #9

Yes it was clearly stated that the char has 1m sp less than what is on eve board

(Zion Galaxy) #10

re do math. it’s 3.33 Million SP extracted.

(Sylar Kinobi) #11

I appreciate the free bumps tho

(Trade Slavsia) #12

9 bil

(Sylar Kinobi) #13

deal reached in game with trade slavsia

(Trade Slavsia) #14

Isk and account info sent.

(Sylar Kinobi) #15

char sent

(Trade Slavsia) #16


Thank you.

(system) #17

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