WTS 61m SP Nyx Exhumer 5 Character Great Name


I could extract for 50b so I want 50b from a sale.

No you couldn’t. not 50Bil

I could extract for 44b and sell a 5m exhumers 5 alt for 5-6b

Also, you are the worst troll on these forums. CCP genuinely needs remove you from here.

Not selling to you.

44b offer

Thanks for offer, 44b is what you could get if you extracted :slight_smile:

bump :slight_smile:

Extraction would make 44.8b then I could sell a 5m SP Exhumer V alt for 5b isk

I might consider 49b to save me time

Will give it another day then extract :slight_smile:

46b offer

Would take 48b


I’ll do 48 bil bossman

Great. Ill send a mail with account name as soon as im home from work :slight_smile:

I’ll reply here with the account to send the mail to

Oh yeah, ok send me mail and ill get it done.

Sorry long day and I haven’t sold a toon for a while haha

ISK and Account Info Sent


21 Jul 2020 19:07

EVE Character transfer

We got there in the end :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks and have fun.


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