WTS 15.8M SP JF/Indy Pilot

For sale for reasonable offers.

Age: 5 years old
Located: High Sec
No Kills Rights
Security Status: 0.0
No Jump Clones
1 Bonus Revamp available
Positive ISK Balance

Place your bids

9b I can send the oak first thing in the morning.

Please make the required disclosures as outlined in CCP’s character selling rules found here Welcome to the Character Bazaar

what do you mean ? I read it but I don’t see where I am breaking a rule

need to write its in npc corp, any jump clones , positive isk wallet and like a bunch of other stuff

Fixed thanks

10b bid


13.5 B B/O today

I can go 13bil

Accepted. Send isk and account info to Lannis

ISK and info sent

isk received. Transferring character now.

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