SOLD ----- 13.8M SP indy character

1. Wallet balance. - 0 isk
2. Kill rights - none
3. Jump clones - none
4. Character location. - Amarr, Emperor Family Academy

4.5 bill

5b and u got a deal

4.75 bill

eve mail me the acct to transfer to. when i see the 4.75b i’ll begin the transfer

@Lore_Master isk and account info sent

got it. is being laggy. as soon as transfer page loads we’ll be good

I’ll keep trying :slight_smile:

Keep getting timeouts. Will keep trying for another hour or so, then bed. Will try again tomorrow morning if I don’t get through tonight.


Ok, went through. Thanks

I see the character is inbound to my account. Thanks for a smooth transaction.

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