(SOLD)WTS Indy/Science 7.4m SP

I’m for sale, https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/Pita_Masterson

7.4m SP
In Hi-sec Jita
No kill rights, pos isk.
No clones, 1 remap.

Offers plz, B/O 8 bil.

5b offer

5.5 B

5.7b offer

Thx for bids, going to let it run a few more hours.

6b offer

6.2 offer

Bid accepted 6.2 from Elenoire,

Plz isk and acct info.


My first bazaar buying so to be sure you need the account username right?

yes, the acct you want me to transfer to.
I’m online now

Isk received, starting transfer,
It takes ~ 10 hrs to go to your acct.

Sent mail with details

Do you have an open slot on that acct?

Thanks a lot

Sorry now yes

Forget to free the slot

Now is ok

Ok, let me try again. I think it takes a certain time to delete or move a character.
Does it still show on login screen? We can wait until one slot shows empty or you can make 2nd acct.

Its free

I deleted 1 week ago but forget to recycle

On login empty one

It still says locked, let me try again in a little while

maybe some cache on server side to be refreshed

sorry for the inconvenient