(SOLD)WTS Indy/Science 7.4m SP

(Pita Masterson) #1

I’m for sale, https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/Pita_Masterson

7.4m SP
In Hi-sec Jita
No kill rights, pos isk.
No clones, 1 remap.

Offers plz, B/O 8 bil.

(Elenoire Doissetep) #2

5b offer

(Kaav Dryan) #3

5.5 B

(Elenoire Doissetep) #4

5.7b offer

(Pita Masterson) #5

Thx for bids, going to let it run a few more hours.

(Furby Scalper) #6

6b offer

(Elenoire Doissetep) #8

6.2 offer

(Pita Masterson) #9

Bid accepted 6.2 from Elenoire,

Plz isk and acct info.

(Elenoire Doissetep) #10


My first bazaar buying so to be sure you need the account username right?

(Pita Masterson) #11

yes, the acct you want me to transfer to.
I’m online now

(Pita Masterson) #12

Isk received, starting transfer,
It takes ~ 10 hrs to go to your acct.

(Elenoire Doissetep) #13

Sent mail with details

(Pita Masterson) #14

Do you have an open slot on that acct?

(Elenoire Doissetep) #15

Thanks a lot

(Elenoire Doissetep) #16

Sorry now yes

(Elenoire Doissetep) #17

Forget to free the slot

Now is ok

(Pita Masterson) #18

Ok, let me try again. I think it takes a certain time to delete or move a character.
Does it still show on login screen? We can wait until one slot shows empty or you can make 2nd acct.

(Elenoire Doissetep) #19

Its free

I deleted 1 week ago but forget to recycle

On login empty one

(Pita Masterson) #20

It still says locked, let me try again in a little while

(Elenoire Doissetep) #21

maybe some cache on server side to be refreshed

sorry for the inconvenient