WTS 15.9SP Pilot

Eveboard: http://eveboard.com/pilot/swargan

Great small ship pilot.

Can fly:
Intercepter 5
Minmatar Tact Destroyer 5
Stealth Bomber
Decent Weapon skills

Added bonus: Can pull level 5 Amarr missions

Starting: 9b

B/O: 12b

10.5b offered

Bid noted

gunna leave it alittle bit

If no one bids higher I will accept your bid

bid retracted

edit: bid retracted

if you still wanting it for 10.5, i’ll do it now

I will do 10.5.

send the isk and account and i’ll start Asap

I will send it in the next few minutes. Thank you.

isk sent and account information sent via in-game mail.

Transfer Started

Transfer email received. Thank you.

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