WTS 153M subcap pilot

Get your hands in a great toon. You deserve a main or an alt that can do it all

Take a loot at skills .


Many’s lvl 5s , scanning all t3 , perfect gunnery and missile skills , and on capitals fighters 5 etc

Also all clones are on high sec . Lvl 5’s , genolutions and High grade amulet clone

Bidding starts 130

130b offer

Thanks for the offer and getting this toon started.

Bump for the day

I want to know if this character has been dealt?

Whether to accept the offer of 130b,And pay $20 for the transfer. I want it as soon as possible please

The character is still available, after all its 2nd day. It will be transfered via plex

bump :heart:

If you agree to my request and offer, I can pay now

@John2_Heleneto i have sent you a evemail so we dont spam the thread

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