WTS 156m pvp charr (auction with b/o possible)

This is a very first alt of mine which I am to sell now.
The exact amount of SPs is 156 464 401 now and 605k unallocated.
Edencom BS 5 is in progress right now.

It is actually an all-round t2 pvp sub-cap charr focused on Gallente/Matar ships but also capable of flying most of Caldari and Amarr t2 ships.

It does have a positive balance and is in Jita in an NPC corp, has a insta-ares to travel the egg.

The charr is capable of flying Nagl and Revelation both cap and subcap (no capital beam specs trained) and has a proper set of implants for a subcap nagl on him - highgrade crystal set along with MR-705/st-905/NR-1003 imps installed (and an additional standard set at Perimeter for skill processing)

Fighters are partially trained.
Command skills lvl5 trained for Shield/Skirmish/Information/Armor - can be used on Gallente command ships.

1.2m in structure management.
T3s gallente and matar - lvl5.

Flyable list and all the data on the charr is here
or here

The starting price is 82b, the sale to be commenced in compliance with charr bazaar rules.

169 skins on the charr,

I can offer 77B

bump pl

78B offer
or if you can sell it now(in 24h), I’ll buy it 82B right now.

82b is a good offer - ready to sell

OK. Please give me your ISK receive account


Charr transfer is in progress

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