WTS 15m SP PvP Transporter , Orca , Refining Capital Producer Buyout added 14b

WTS 15m SP PvP Transporter , Orca , Refining Capital Producer

This char is an capital builder, he can build up to Super Carrier all Capitals.
She can fly orca , interceptor and ca do an cyno, and Planetary Interaction.
Wirh good core skills. He also can do very good researches and copies.
Can Fly Interceptor , Bomber and Covert ops ( only Fly / travel )


Use this link for an skill overview,

Just take a look at the overview, the Char can do also

  • Planetary Interaction ( LvL 4 )
  • Refining ( ORE and ICE , Loot )
  • Capital Producer
  • Orca Transporter
  • Ceptor Pilot
  • Cyno Pilot
  • Research and Copieng very good
  • Cloak LvL 4 ( Cloaked Warping )

Next Remap 4/2019
2 Bonus Remaps
No Kill rights !
Security Stastus @ +0,0

I confirm, me is for sale. All ccp rules accecpted, Char is in NPC Corp and has pos. Wallet. Located in Highsec.
i pay transfer to your account.

Just make me offers if you are intrested in buying her.

Minimal Bid: 12b
Buyout: 14b first comes , first draws

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HI 12.5B
Is that the final price?

13b offer

Thx for offers, i added an buyout of 14b

First comes first draws… thx

bumb to the top

Looking at emails

buyout accepted… send acc infos and isk and i will sart the transfer

Transfer started, here an part of the confirmation mail from ccp:

Dear xxxxxxxx,

You have chosen to transfer the character Missis Scout to the account named mxxxxxxxxxx9.

We are currently processing this transfer. The character you are transferring will remain on your account, but will not be playable until the transfer automatically completes.

Love you.
I am sorry that I was very busy and have been fighting.:sweat_smile:
Prompt email has been received。:heart_eyes_cat:
When you have completed this transaction, please contact me again.
Because I don’t know who you are. i will give you a surprise.:heart_eyes:
Thank you for waiting for me. :)


The deal’s over.

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