WTS 16.7M T2 Transport Pilot

A pretty decent character with Transport Ships V, ready to inject/train for Freighters.

-Positive ISK balance and 200k unallocated SP.
-Neg -0.26 Sec Status, based in Heimatar region
-High Grade Alpha implants, +4 Perc/Will/Int/Mem, +2 Char
-Great support skills for deep space transport/blockade runner
-Can fly Mining barges and Noctis, Salvaging V too


14,5b isk ready

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An enticing offer, strongly considering it. Thanks for the quick reply, I’ll be back with you soon if I receive no other offers.

16 bil

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I accept your offer @Moruk_Lap_Lamiz

Preparing the character for transfer now.

Thank you, isk and Account Info sended.

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Transfer has been purchased and I confirmed the character is no longer on my account.

Pleasure doing business with you, thank you!

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