I am quitting Eve, and thought that someone may find use of my pilot.

Sec status is 5.0
Currently toon is in nul sec, but there are several jump clones.
Wallet is positive
I am currently selling my assets

I would like to get around 145 bil-150 bil

140 bil, isk ready

Deal agreed upon in game from ‘Vandermark’, isk and account details to be sent when I return to my pc

Confirming making a deal with Vandermark. Agreed price: 148 bil

Isk and account name sent

so you sent isk and account details and then nothing…hmmm

We’ve had convos in game, he is still selling items. Said he would post when initiated. I’ll give him another few hours before I cry scam.

so any update from the seller? or did he just disappear with your ISK?

It’s gone, as I suspected after they stopped replying about an hour later. So it’s another sale to add to my still unanswered ticket, too bad my health isn’t going to let me tonight. Barely have the energy to reply from mobile here. Something to note is no redaction of esi token at this point

Damn… too many scamming going on right now. don’t know how CCP is going to track down this Serial Scammer… lots of ISK is being stolen by the minute…

must be painful to part away from your 148 billion isk knowing you won’t get back until after 2-3 weeks… opportunity of investment lost, i feel you.

It’s just a drop in the bucket now, still waiting on the return of another 203.5B, so what’s another 148. It’ll be fun watching all 351.5B come back though

yeah, i’m still waiting for 107 billion to be returned due to a scam… i got hitted 3 times within the last 2 weeks. so far 2 of my cases were solved, 1 left.

Yeah, I’ve put in my ticket 9 days ago, so hoping with the break being over this week we’ll see a catchup on tickets.

If it is the same person and not just a misunderstanding (I try to see the good in people) then they’re getting smart of how we were able to tell and not revoking the key anymore. Which means as of now we’ll have no way to tell other than it just not showing up.

I am sure this is the doing of 1 or maybe a few people in the same circle. This type of massive scamming just happened recently all the sudden… so got to be from the same source.

And it’s revoked, rip me

sorry to hear… :frowning:

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