WTS 16M Cov Ops alt. Ends Sunday (CLOSED)

Cov ops pilot, great for development.

Positive wallet balance, no kill rights, 4 jump clones, currently located in Bei and in NPC corp.

I’ll pay the transfer fee. Skillboard link below:


10b start, 15b buy out.

Auction ends 23.00 Eve time 3rd May

8B offer, ISK ready

9b offer - this offer stands current at time of edit.


11B Have Isk Now… Your move …

Recanted …

8.5B ISK ready if no one else available

10bil B/O

Thanks for your interest so far. 2 days left to own this great character.

Get your bids in folks…

10.5 billion

Auction ends in an hour…

11 bil

Sorry, auction has ended. I will let you know if transfer does not complete.


No response from buyer after more than 24h @petia_xXx contact me ingame if you want to buy or I will re-auction.


ok 11 b … money and account name sent

ISK received and transfer initiated.

ok… thanks for the discount

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