[WTS]16m Loki/Tornado/Thrasher pilot No Employment History

Location: Academy Station(never undocked)
Wallet: Positive
Kill Rights: No
Jump Clones: No
No employment history.
1m skill to allocate,
BC V, Destroyer V, good projectile weapon skill make him good a ganker.
+4 implants


I don’t check in game mail please reply in this thread.

B/O: 10.5B
(Don’t bother offering below 9B)


9b ready

So is the seller still there

9.5B RDY

10b ready

10.5B offer

I might be interested but the link is broken. Please fix the link

Sorry guys I stopped paying attention after getting no reply for a month.

I have fixed the skill board, lowered the buy out price to 10.5B and will check this daily from today.

(The account is in alpha state, I am not perfectly sure whether I can transfer character from it. Please tell me if you know.)

The skillq link isnt viewable for me.

Please fix the skill link, ty

Updated skill board and set it to public.


10.5B ready

10.5B offer accepted. Please transfer isk to Shocl Amplialons in game.

ISK and account info sent to Shocl Amplialons in game.

ISK and account confirmed, transfer initiated.

Please treat him well and make good use of him :smiling_face_with_tear:

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