WTS 16m SP Orca/Exhumer V, Indy toon

Positive wallet
In a NPC corp
Positive standings

16b B/O


o7, 14b?

15b and it’s yours…

allow me time to regroup the isk ok?

Ok but my wife gets home in 2 hours then im off till tomorrow morning. Let me know…

isks ready, let me know if I can send

Ok i am back waiting for isk.

Send isk to Fierna please…

isk send + instruction sent

I replied to you in game mail. Let me know…

My transfer window is up at 10:55 game time… I am going out for supper and when i get back i will do the transfer. Might be a little later than 10:55 but it’s gonna be done for sure tonight, Just a heads up…

Thank you for the heads up

All done, Thank you for your patients and enjoy!

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