WTS 16mil SP VNI/Ishtar + Covert Transport + PI

WTS myself

Excellent for new pilots, great nickname ready to farm ISK! Vexor Navy Issue or Ishtar, Dead space transport ship and PI for 5 planets.

Link - https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/Scroger

  • 275 000 SP Free SP
  • 2 bonus remaps
  • Positive wallet
  • Positive standing +5
  • Located in high sec (Jita)
  • In NPC corp
  • I’ll pay transaction fee

Start price: 10 bil
B/o: 18 bil

10 Bil

  1. B



Any chance to increase to 14 bil?

Nah 13b is where I will hold… But I am around now which means if you take it you’d have ISK very fast.

Ok, ready to get ISK.

@Scroger ISK and acct info sent

Confirm. ISK received. Going to create ticket for transfer with 1000 PLEX. GM can take to answer some time + 8 hours of transfer.

Will keep in touch.

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SUPPORT REQUEST with number 870311 created.

Transfer in progress.

Character received thank you!

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