WTS 41m SP Ishtar/Mining/Bomber Pilot

WTS this character: Character Sheet

1,226,000 unallocated skill points to place into whatever you want.

Great multi-use alt with good support skills that flies a whole range of fun ships and more if you use the unallocated sp.

Can fly, among others:
Ishtar (HAC IV) with T2 Heavy/Sentry Drones
Hulk (Exhumers V) with some mining skills
Prospect (Expedition Frigate IV, Gas Cloud Harvesting V)
Purifier (Bomb Launcher IV, Covert Ops IV)

Remap available with 2 bonus remaps.

Positive wallet
No kill rights
Character located in highsec
In an NPC corporation
I’m paying transfer fee

No starting bid, no buyout, highest bidder wins at 00:00 UTC on the 30th of September. Feel free to convince me to end it earlier.

30b offer

31b offer

Bump, up we go!

32B offer

Willing to let it go for this if you’re still interested.

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34 Bil bid.

Back to the top :slight_smile:


No problem, just to be clear: Character Sheet is the character you bid on so you still sent the ISK to the wrong character. Sending it back now if you wanted to send it to the correct character.

Character transfer started, thanks!

Will be completed after 9/30/2023 1:38:01 PM

@Amukov 34B ISK and Account Name sent. I’m not quite sure which thread is which now so I will put this on both.

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