WTS 17.5m sp General combat pilot

Selling myself, born 28/3/2015, 17,524,559 m SP currently Alpha state. Combat based.
50,000 SP are unallocated!

In NPC starter corp and ready for transfer (I will pay fees).
Remap available + 4 Bonus remaps.
Positive wallet and sec status.
No killrights
Located in Null Sec Goon Space station.


I must state FORMER GOON.

Sensible bids please,

Offers considered. B/O 14b fast sale all ready to go.

Thanks for looking,
SAC Tong

9 bil

Thanks mate your the highest bidder at the moment, I’ll be in touch.

you first put 10bil, if you can go to 12 its your’s!

you waited too long, the market has changed. now it’s only worth 9bil. if you wait longer, the price might go down even more. i will not up my offer, 9bil is max i will do. make your decision wisely and good luck!

okay, have a nice day.

Bump come grab a bargain!

10 Bil, Absolute highest.

@bardghost_Isu it’s yours! Will be at work tomorrow through the day EU time. If you mail me account details and ISK I’ll have it transferred that evening that okay?

NP, I’ll start sending info.

Info and Payment Sent

@bardghost_Isu all done and thank you. not sure how long the process takes.


Confirming the Character has been recieved.

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