WTS 176 Mil Subcap PVP Toon


-1.1 Sec Stat

Located In High Sec

Has Positive Wallet

Attributes Remap Available

Implants - https://i.gyazo.com/c62b59a669739b2e763f0a011ebcc33d.png

Buyout 160 Billion

Up we go

152 bil


154 bil

Thanks for the bids as i said i am looking to sell this for a flat buyout of 160 which is a fair price in my opinion is someone intends to use it and not strip. first person to offer that price will be the winner



Bump added buyout

I’ll stretch to get this done… 156 billion.

accepted send isk and info

ISK and account info has been sent. Thanks!!

Transfer started Enjoy

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