! WTS 17msp T3 Leadership Fleet Booster Buy Out 14 Bil!

(Lacy Lady) #1


  • Good Name
  • In Jita, Pos Wallet, No Kill Rights
  • Mid Grade Slave Clone

Make me an offer!
Buy Out 14Bil

(TxivYawg1) #2


(Gattanera) #3


(TxivYawg1) #4


(Avallah) #5

11 bil

(Lacy Lady) #6

to the top

(Lacy Lady) #7

Buyout Lowered

(Pia Sweet) #8

12b b/o

(Lacy Lady) #9

Pia make it 14 and you have a deal.

(Lacy Lady) #10

Buy out lowered to 14B

(clickhere) #11

Does it have a remap avalaible ?

( contact me in game )

(clickhere) #12

well, let’s say i’ll place 14B

(Lacy Lady) #13

Clickhere, I accept. Isk received. Ty.

says you are in a char transfer already. that will have to finish before i can send this toon.

(clickhere) #14

Yeah, i wasn’t aware of this.
You’ll be able to send your character in approximatively 10 hours.

( Isk and account information sent ).

Keep me in touch

(Lacy Lady) #15

will send asap when it will let me

(clickhere) #16

You can start transfer now ( well, when you’ll get this message :slight_smile: )

(clickhere) #17

o/ Could you start transfer please ?

Been a day already.

(clickhere) #18

Still waiting…

(clickhere) #19

Character transfered. Thank you, good bye.

(system) #20

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