WTS 18.2 SP Pilot

  • 2012 Character
  • 18,207,721 SP
  • -3.2 sec
  • 1 Remap
  • Can fly Minmatar BR & DST as well as mining barges
  • Select sub-cap skills
  • Sat in Jita with clones in Innia & K-6K16
  • 4,900,000 ISK in wallet


Bids starting at 5.5B

B/O - 11B

11 bill ready

11.5b ready

Due to meeting the buy-out rice first, I’m obliged to accept the offer from @Voldemort_Molok pending receipt of the ISK - PM me details for transfer

you are kind man thank you. so 11 bill is ok?

11B is fine

1 minutes i send the isk

Isk and accont name sended

@Voldemort_Molok you just got scrammed in another thread, and now you want to buy this one.

I wroted a ticket for ccp. Thely will send me back the Isk other player told me. And banned the scammer.

Trying to transfer chararcter but am getting the error “Target user is already involved in a character transfer.” @Voldemort_Molok

can you send it to me after this time:

4/20/2019 3:58:26 AM

the same accont

7 hour from now. after it will work

I can indeed but it won’t be until 0700 Eve-time at the earliest

No Problem. I am EU time i will sleep also :slight_smile: thank you very much

you can start transfer when you have time


20 Apr 2019 06:54

EVE Character transfer


We are currently processing this transfer. The character being transferred will remain on your account until the process is complete, but will not be playable during this time.

Character Name: Arto Ruho

Will be completed after: 4/20/2019 4:54:05 PM

toon arrived, thx

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