WTS: 180m SP Supercarrier/Dread Pilot/Sub Caps - SOLD

Up for sale is this character.
PW: 1234

DOB: 2005-06-05
Positive Wallet
Sec Status -1.79
No Kill Rights
1 Neural Remap Available
5 Research Agents with over 583k Research Points
All jump clones located in High Sec
Comes with the Nyx Interbus skin

Opening bid: 170B
Buyout: Make me an offer

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Still for sale.

145 bil


Still for sale.

On upwards.

150 bil

Bumpity bump.

Still for sale.

wtb 155b

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160 bil


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170B offer from Jack Funny has been accepted.


165b , i want it ,if you wts, 165b i take it

Jack Funny changed his mind. Character is still for sale.

Up and away.

Looking for new owner