WTS: Sitter (Hell / NYX) + Transporter (17.6m SP)


Who wants me bad… :slight_smile: ?

  • Skills (Password: 666)
  • I am in Jita
  • Nice name
  • No Corp history
  • Sitter for 2 Supers Carriers
  • Cyber V
  • Positive Wallet
  • 2 Remap available

All CCP Rules. I will pay transfer

  • Start Bid: 15b
  • B/O: Suprise a girl

Up :slight_smile:

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I’ll start you off with 13 bil.
But I believe you will get higher bid at last.

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Thank you for the bid, but i am indeed looking for abit more

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Up we go

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strategically mark:grinning:

14b is my offer

Thanks for the offer.

Up we go

Friday, best day for alot of people :slight_smile:

17.5 billion

17.5b accepted

Send ISK and details, so i can start the transfer

Sorry but I buy another char today

nice you have retracted your offer.

Up to the top

15b for u

15.5 bid

16b ready

Thanks for the offer.