WTS 29.3M SP Dread Pilot

https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/micky66 - pwd = meme

+750,000 Unallocated Skill Points
Positive wallet
Character is located in highsec
1 Jump Clone
+4 Implants
-0.65 Sec sec status
no Kill rights
isk to the character being sold

questions to “de votso”

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to the top

my offer is 25b

i give 27b


29 , last offer.

30 billions

i accept @Aleksandr_Eullon offer of 30B
Send the isk and account info

30bil offer (aleksandr withdraw his offer, I am sure, he has bought other toon)

yeah it looks like he did and is having problems lol
i accept your offer sweet toy

Ty, will send isks when I will get home ( EU evening-night)

I withdraw my bets

Sorry, got an advantageous offer via private mail, withdraw my bid :frowning: Good luck with selling!

I can offer 30b

ok @The_Connoisseur send the isk and details

ISK sent to de votso and message sent with account details


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