WTS 18mil SP Rorqual pilot

12306 ribuwan’s Skillboard || Eve Is ESI || A Third Party Eve Online App

18 mil SP 2.3 mil Unallocated SP
in NPC corp
positive wallet
no Kill rights
Located in Kisogo

I offer 14B, isk in hand, ready to trade

I offer 14.5B isk in hand ready to trade

Offer 15b

Offer 15.5B

16b b/o

Offer 16.5b B/o offer good for next 12 hours or I find something else

17b b/o

All offers made by Lexen in this thread are expired. Thanks, and sorry for the trouble.

Is this even for sale? 12 days and no bin

Sorry guys, went for a long trip last week or so. Still up for sale.

Please list a skillboard link that works!

I can offer 12B if u have a proof of skillboard link.

Offer 13B ISK in hand ready to trade right now.

13.5b if you ever come back !

Please list a skillboard link that works!

Sorry again for the inconvenience guys, will provide an updated skill board link once I get back to home tonight

14B buyout


Character Sheet link here

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