WTS 19.2mil Golem Pilot

SkillQ.net - Rupert J Rosinthrope

located in highsec, positive wallet, in NPC corp

starting Bid @ 18B
Buyout: TBD

Hey :slight_smile: cant see your toon

updated to allow access

18,5b my bid then :slight_smile:

Whats the price you are looking for, btw?

23 billion would be a nice buyout

It does not have nice shield skills, cybernetics, and some other core “basic” skills :frowning:
The best I can offer for it is 19-20 I guess.

ill accept 20 billion

ok, give me 3-4hours to get home, and will be ready to pay :slight_smile:

ok send isk and account info and i will accept


character is still for sale


18B offer

thanks for the offer

19b offer OK?

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i accept 19b, send isk and account info

20b offer, send immediately

OK,Im sure

isk and account has send