WTS 19.7 Mill SOE mission runner (Auction closed, character sold)


16B, 0.5B increments, 20B buyout.

19.7 Mill sp with another 1.8 un allocated.
Currently in Alikara
Has positive security.
Has positive wallet.
No rights for or against.
1 yearly remap.
3 bonus remaps.

Used as secondary for SOE missions, 5.1 current stand with SOE and minor decreases elsewhere.

I’m interested, but it seems you forgot to link skillboard my man.

Oops, long day.

no worries :wink:

offering 16 bil

16.75b best offer

Daily Bump.

I won’t hold a long auction, only another day or two.

Edited to lower buyout.

17 bil

One last bump for more offers before the toon goes to Gixbel for 17bil.

And I’m closing this auction awarding to Gixbel for 17bil.

I’ll contact you in game as well.

didn’t see this before, will you take 17.5?

While i’d love to take more money i’ve already posted acceptance here and messaged Gixbel ingame.

If for some reason Gixbel drops out then i’ll repost this and contact you first.

sounds like a plan :grinning:

Isk and account info sent

Money recieved and moved, petition raised and further info sent in game.

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