WTS 19 Mil SP Small Caldari ships pilot 785k unallocated

WTS 19 Mil SP Small Caldari ship pilot 785k unallocated

At High Sec-Jita
Positive Wallet
1 Remap Available
No kill rights
5 Jump Clones in interesting systems

Start Bid - 9B
B/O - 12B

9b offer

11B offer

12b, 24 hours

12 Billion accepted. Send ISK and account name the character is to be transferred to in evemail please

Isk and Account Info sent. Please confirm you got it.

ISK received Character transfer just processed.
Thanks Brenna

I still don’t have character on account and no confirmation email of transfer from ccp.

I processed reuqest will reach out to support. We will get you the character!

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I bumped the request, still pending a GM to review Its prolly something with Steam processing the payment.

I also submitted a request, still unanswered, I mentioned all the details from this thread.

Hi Breanna, I received this from GM, please confirm your received.
Hello there, GM Cerberus here.

Thank you for contacting EVE Online Player Experience Team!

I have now manually completed the character transfer. Seems there was a delay with the system but it has now been transferred with no issues. If there is anything else I may help you with, feel free to let me know.
Best Regards,
GM Cerberus
CCP Player Experience | EVE Online

Hi, received the character, thank you.

excellent, thanks for the exchange. Enjoy Hicks!

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