WTS 193m Sp Old combat toon

Cap/subcap pilot
Born in 2007
All BS V
Capital Ships V
Gallente and Minmatar Carrier and BC V
Marauders V
600 k unallocated Sp

1 remap available
4 Jump clones
No kill rights
Wallet positive
Sec.status 5.0
Moved to Npc corp
Located in high sec

Bidding from: 120 bil
BO: 150 bil


daily bump!

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100 bil

105b Offer

BO reduced 140 bil

130b offer, I can pay instantly if you accept

Makes sense to me. Accepting your 130 bil BO

Isk paid and account info confirmed in game :white_check_mark:

Character transfer is initiated. Thank you!

Character received. Thanks mate

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