WTS 19m SP Char

No Kill Rights
Positive Wallet
Bonus Remaps 2
NPC Corp
Location Perimeter


Ready to Fly
Basic Imp Set

All Rules Accepted

9b offer ^^

sry its a bit to low but thx for your offer

@Linoaa 10-11b is realtistic

No sorry i cant offer more for this character

10b offer…

11b?? is a good char

ops sry i just really want more good gunnery… :frowning: i can pay 10b …

ok 10b sounds good

thks i’ll send isk !!

ok super

send my isk for transfer and mail
I also sent an email with the account name. please check.

isk and account received, i transfer in 3hours aprox iam at work. Please answer the thread when you receive the ccp mail.

I waited about 4 hours, but I haven’t received the ccp email yet. Haven’t you sent your character yet?

hey sry my friend i was with my wife on the way i will start in few minutes

oh i see !!

transfer has started

I received an email regarding the transfer of characters. Thank you.

have fun my friend