WTS 19m SP Nidhoggur/Hel pilot

21b B/O

15 bil



17bil, ready


18B offer!

18.1b right now offer good until 11:00am est

My offer is still valid and I’m available now!

Hi, I would be willing to buy the character with your 21B b/o. Sent you a mail in game.

Doom Train,Your bid is accepted, please send ISK and account information, confirm and start transferring roles.

In-game mail sent with my account name, and ISK sent.

Do you accept PLEX transfer?

Yeah sure, I’ve never done this before, what are the disadvantages? Does it just take a while longer to transfer? Did you get my message and the ISK?

Information has been received. I’m also the first time to sell roles. It takes a while to transfer roles. It’s a little slower to transfer roles using PLEX than using cash transfer.

Ok, cool! Yeah that’s fine with me! Oh did you get the ISK I sent?

Yes, isk confirms acceptance

Thank you! I will update here when the transfer has been completed.

It will take me some time to get back to the game and transfer the ISK. After that, I will submit a role transfer application. Please wait for some time. I will notify you here when the transfer starts.

Ok sure, do you know how long approximately?