Professional Hel Account+100000Unallocated

Deal to complete, delete this post

25B No Bargaining

link the character sheet
M carrier 5 is still three days away. I still have 10W left unassigned.

How many E is 25B?

No ISK This character sells 25B


I can do 24B now.

I am online if you wish to talk.

OK 24B

ISK and Account info sent in Evemail.

Money has arrived and roles are beginning to shift.

Can you confirm the transfer has started or not? I have no email confirmation of a pending transfer. There are no roles when you are in an NPC Corp.

I’m learning. Don’t worry.

Under Account management is the character transfer, there is some information there about the process to transfer. I’ll keep an eye out for the email confirmation

I’ve learned that I’m preparing PayPal.

Can you handle the transfer fee? If not, I may need a little more time.

I cannot, as the transfer has to come from your account. You can transfer using Plex, you need to have 1K Plex on the account and you can open a ticket with CCP to begin the transfer

Are you sure I have 1000 PLEX?

OK, I’ll go to PLEX.

26B isk offer,If you’re still selling