WTS 19mil SP Projectile/Drones Combat missioner alt

Hello everyone,
A pleasure to meet you all. I hope your day is coming along well. Today, I would like to offer my services for hire. I have positve wallet balance, clean Sec Status and no jump clones/fully hi-sec. A copy of my resume can be accessed here: https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/Selune_Starlight. The encryption key (password) is : 1234.

  1. Her core fitting skills are fully trained and her navigation skills are very high as well
  2. She can use any form of projectile turrets and light/medium drones with very high support skills.
  3. She can run combat and distribution missions for standing grind as well as haul quickly because she has Gallente Industrial and Negotiations at V.
  4. She also did trading because she has Trading at V.

Skill extractors/injectors values suggests she will go for atleast 11.5b without transfer costs. Hoping to hear your bids and also any suggestions you might have.

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mail send

12 bil

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mail sent

Thank you for your bids but I was hoping for a bit more than 12b isk as it is only the isk cost. Any kind of toon with 19 mil SP can go for that. I was hoping to get a bit more for the training plan done, the unallocated SP and the bonus remaps too.

///// I am stopping the sale of this toon temporarily as I am getting confusing offers and advice ingame and outside. Need to think about it and see if I can add a few more million points and make this girl much better than now for auction. All you valuable advice has really helped me out! Thank you very much!

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