WTS 22 MIL SP Pilot (Bomber,Tengu,Rattlesnanke) , lvl 4 Mission Puller

Hello People,

Im selling this Character https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/cordana_black with 22 mil SP.

She can Fly Bombers, Assault Frigs, Tec 3 Destro (Jackdaw) , Recons (Falcon) , t3 Cruiser (Tengu), and is Trained into a Rattlesnake with great Drone Skills.

Additional this Character can Pull lvl 4 Misssions (half way thru to lvl 5) for the Lai Dai Corp.

As a Bonus, she has 1,1 Million Unallocated SP for your liking.

Im looking forward for great offers. The Buyout for this Char will be 20 Bil.

All CCP Character Trade Rules apply (npc Corp, positive wallet, positive Standing …)

10 b offer

thank you for the offer, but sadly that is too low.

This Thread can be closed , the char is no longer for sale!!!

Thread closed via polite request by OP.